Past Performance   Mar 26th-Apr 4th 2021    Fri, Sat, Sun 7:00pm

Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt

Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt
Historical Drama
by: Sherrie Colbourn

Directed by: Sherrie Colbourn
Produced by: Sherrie Colbourn

PowPAC Presents Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt
Celebrate Women’s History Month at tea with an incredible First Lady

Lorena Hickock broke journalism’s “men-only” barrier in the 1930s with her crime report by-lines on the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. Join her now during a teatime interview with first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s widow, as the two women discuss their perspectives on political and cultural life during the Great Depression, and discover things about the Roosevelts that you didn’t learn in your U.S. History class.

Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt was written and directed by Sherrie Colbourn, a writer, poet, director and retired award-winning Equity Actress. As a long-time leader and former Artistic Director at PowPAC, her productions have won numerous local awards, including Aubrey awards from the Associated Community Theatres of San Diego County. The cast includes award winning author and actor Annette Hubbell as Eleanor, and four-time Emmy Award winner Sue Ann Staake as Eleanor’s long-time friend, journalist Lorena Hickok.

“I have always been interested in and attracted to strong women who, through their own actions, have given women a stronger voice in this country,” says Colbourn. “Researching Mrs. Roosevelt’s life gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to try to forge your own dreams and yet remain loving and supportive of a powerful spouse. The fact that at one time a person’s private life did not trump their public service to community and country was uplifting. What a shame it would have been for this country to have lost the leadership and courage exhibited by both Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt because their private lives couldn’t bear the scrutiny given today’s leaders.”

Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt will be presented online at 7:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 26, 27, and 28, and again on April 2, 3, and 4. Tickets are just per household and are currently available online at There will be a special live session on March 26 when “Eleanor” and “Lorena” take questions from the audience following the show.


PowPAC, along with all theaters in the county, is currently closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Without ticket income, it is increasingly difficult to pay the theater’s fixed expenses (rent, utilities, insurances, etc.). Tickets sold for Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt will enable PowPAC to weather these trying times, when so many small businesses and arts organizations are struggling to make ends meet. Your ticket purchase will help ensure that quality live theater will be available in our region for years to come.


Eleanor Roosevelt
Lorena Hickok
Annette Hubbell
Sue Ann Staake

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