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Relatively Speaking

Relatively Speaking
A Farce
by: Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by: Gil Savage
Produced by: Joel and Sherrie Colbourn

Greg met Ginny only a month ago but wants to marry her. Ginny must first visit her married former lover to end their affair –and secure some compromising letters.

So Ginny plans a visit to her “parents”, and Greg decides to follow her to meet his prospective in-laws. When Greg arrives at Philip and Sheila’s house ahead of Ginny and meets her “parents”, their conversation leaves everyone none the wiser about their true identities.

But confusion reigns when Ginny arrives. As the story develops, Ginny is desperately afraid that Sheila is aware of her affair with Philip. Philip believes Greg really wants to run off with his wife; and Greg is baffled by Ginny’s seemingly twisted and bizarre parents.

Mistaken identity, infidelity and a pair of slippers make for a hysterically funny play about how a little lying can cause a lot of trouble.


Jeff Laurence
Connie Terwilliger
Whitney Shay
William Parker Shore
Jeff LaurenceConnie TerwilligerWhitney Shay
William Parker ShoreDirector: Gil Savage
Cast Photos by Tony Eisenhower

Publicity Photos by Tony Eisenhower

Technical Production Team:

Assistant Director/Stage ManagerHeidi Ward
Stage CrewJoel Colbourn, Katrina Betibas
Set DesignerJoel Colbourn
Set DresserSabato Fiorello
Set Dressing CrewSabato Fiorello, Sherrie Colbourn, Ruthann Taylor, Heidi Ward, Brenda Ward, Mindi Sharf, Amanda Eggers, Katrina Betibas
Construction ManagerJoel Colbourn
Set Construction TeamGil Savage, Joel Colbourn, Chris Robinson, Tim Deaton, Buzz Stanley
Sound DesignerLou Alliano
Lighting DesignerChad Oakley
Light/Sound TechnicianMindi Sharf
Costume DesignerSherrie Colbourn
PropertiesSherrie Colbourn, Heidi Ward
Dialect CoachHelen McGuinness
Box Office ManagerHelen McGuinness
House ManagersBrenda and Chris Robinson
ProgramChristine Putnam
WebmasterPeter McGuinness
PhotographerTony Eisenhower
PublicityGerry Reeves
PosterChris Cote, Grafiks Signs

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