Past Performance   Sep 11th-Sep 20th 2009   

Melodrama: The Sorrows of Sophia

Melodrama: The Sorrows of Sophia

by: Adapted by Barbara Seagren

Directed by: Shelley Hale
Produced by: Barbara Seagren

That evil villain, Nathaniel H. Nasty, overworks his employees, sells property that he doesn't own, and is threatening to poison all the wells in Poway Valley. What is Sweet Sophia Sweetblossom to do? If she doesn’t marry Nathaniel Nasty (BOO! HISS!) he will steal Father Sweetblossom’s farm, poison all the wells in Poway Valley, and shut down Nasty Dress Factory, putting Sophia and her fellow seamstresses out of work. Will Sophia bow to blackmail?
Or will our young and strong and handsome and rich hero, Ronald Fancy (YAY!), expose the villain’s evil ways and save the day? .


Nathaniel H. Nasty
Ronald Fancy
Miss Floozy
Father Sweetblossom
Mrs. Quench
Sam Bratt
Sateen Zanjani
Julie Kirkeby
Brooke Kesler
Roxanne Conowitch
Shaela Parrott
Trevor Webb
Charmaine Reed
Sabato Fiorello
Marcee Chipman
Sam BrattSateen ZanjaniJulie Kirkeby
Brooke KeslerRoxanne ConowitchShaela Parrott
Trevor WebbCharmaine ReedSabato Fiorello
Marcee ChipmanDirector: Shelley Hale
Cast Photos by Tony Eisenhower

Publicity Photos by Tony Eisenhower

Technical Production Team:


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