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People v. Beanstalk

Jan 11th-Feb 10th 2019
A Courtroom Drama of Fairytale Proportions
by: Neil Pisk

Directed by: Brent A. Stringfield
Produced by:Merrill Gill & Ruth Woodbeck

Audition Notes:
DATES: November 19 – 20, 0218
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 pm (No Appointment Required; come early for paperwork & schedule comparison)
METHOD: Cold-Readings
REQUIREMENTS: Headshot & Résumé; helpful but not required
INFO: Brent A. Stringfield: / 847-305-0391

Cast Requirements:
JACK E. BEANSTALK Jr. - young man, 18 – 25 – attractive and articulate.

MRS. BETTY BEANSTALK (MRS. B.) - Jack’s mother, 55 - 60. Short, frumpish and mercenary.

M.J. STUART - Young female Prosecutor. She is a competent attorney using this case to make a name for herself.

CHARLES THOMAS RENYEAN (C. RENYEAN) – Male Defense Attorney, experienced and successful with criminal defense. Mature looking, late 40's – Mid 50’s.

NEVILLE C. BOWDIN (JUDGE) - Experienced Judge, competent and fair even though his manner may seem abrupt at times.

MARION JANE KITCH (MARION) - Complaining Neighbor – 40’s, divorced, lives alone. She is a bit of a flirt.

JOAN O’HARP (HARPY) – Witness. Female, 18 – 20. Used to live with the Giant and has fallen in love with Jack. Joan sings her lines melodically.

MR. DOWNFEATHER GOOSE (GOOSE) – Witness. Male, Age Undefined. A goose who used to live with the Giant and lays golden eggs. He honks when tense or overly excited.

THE OLD MAN – 60-65. He is a disguised member of the gallery with a past.

COURT CLERK – Can be played by Male or Female. Age Range mid 20s – 60+

BAILIFF – Can be played by Male or Female. Age Range mid 20s – 50*

ASSISTANTS TO ATTORNEYS – These are non-speaking roles ideal for someone that wants to be on stage without the responsibility of learning lines. These roles can be played by Male or Female; their age range is mid 20s – 50+

Plot Synopsis:
Jack Beanstalk is on trial for the murder of the Giant. This modern approach to the classic fairytale is a clever retelling of the story. And, as with all good courtroom stories, this one has a few twists and turns. The final outcome will be decided by the Jury, pre-selected members of the audience, who render the final verdict!
This is an original work by a local playwright. Come be part of theatrical history and have your name forever part of the original cast when published for future productions!

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