adapted from "Badlands Ballyhoo," A melodrama of the Old West
by Barbara Seagren and Steve Oliver

Director: Steve Oliver
Producer: Barbara Seagren

Sept 13th - Sept 21st, 2008
Fri, Sat Performances start 7:00pm, Sundays 2:00pm


That no good villain, Beastly Bombast (BOO! HISS!), is wreaking havoc in these parts with his bank-robbing, cattle-rustling ways. Now he’s in High Valley, searching for an orphan and her gold-dust filled dolly –– but he doesn’t know the girl’s name. Will he discover that sweet, innocent Petunia (AWWW!) is that grown-up girl and steal her gold, or will our bird-loving hero, Percy Dovecote (YAY!), expose the villain and save the day? .


Percy Dovecote, Barona Bend’s former sheriff; the hero Daniel Ludwig
Petunia Goodbody, the pure and precious heroine Celeste Conowitch
Beastly Bombast, the villain Craig McCobb
Violet, Petunia’s guardian; owner of “Violet’s Vittles”Charmaine Reed
Billy and Lou, Violet’s helpers; our musical narrators Kirk Irvine and Dan Glen
Nellie, Violet’s waitress; Petunia’s friend Roxanne Conowitch
Stranger who dines at “Violet’s Vittles” David Cameron
Waldon Pond, High Valley’s mayorMike Rush
Lily Pond, the mayor’s wifeBrooke Blue
Sarah and Jane, the Ponds’ sassy childrenMackenzie Yonekura and Sateen Zanjani

Daniel Ludwig

Celeste Conowitch

Craig McCobb

Charmaine Reed

Kirk Irvine

Dan Glen

Roxanne Conowitch

David Cameron

Mike Rush

Brooke Blue

Mackenzie Yonekura

Sateen Zanjani

Director: Steve Oliver

Asst Director: Mindi Scharf

Producer: Barbara Seagren
Head shot photos by Tony Eisenhower

Publicity photos by Tony Eisenhower