DIRECTOR: Kate Hewitt
ASST. DIRECTOR: LaBeth Thompson
PRODUCER: Brent A. Stringfield
by Paul Zindel: – 1971 Winner: Frowzy, acid-tongued, supporting herself and her two daughters by taking in a decrepit old boarder, Beatrice Hunsdofer wreaks a petty vengeance on everybody about her. One daughter, Ruth, is a pretty but highly-strung girl subject to convulsions; while the younger daughter, Matilda, plain and almost pathologically shy, has an intuitive gift for science. Encouraged by her teacher, Tille undertakes a gamma ray experiment with marigolds that wins a prize at her high school-and also brings on the shattering climax of this play. Proud and yet jealous, too filled with her own hurts to accept her daughter's success, Beatrice can only maim when she needs to love and deride when she wants to praise. Tortured, acerbic, slatternly, she is as much a victim of her own nature as of the cruel lot, which has been hers. And yet, as Tillie's experiment proves, something beautiful and full of promise can emerge from even the most barren, afflicted soil. This is the timeless lesson of the play and the root of its moving power and truth. "Let's start with a single, simple word. Power…I don't know of a better (play) of its genre since The Glass Menagerie.." - NY Post. "The play itself is like the lucky blooms; it survives, and is beautiful." - NY Times
TillieAllison Finn
BeatriceJennifer Jonassen
RuthBlair Hollingsworth
JaniceLindsey O'Connor
NannyBeth Mercurio

Allison Finn

Jennifer Jonassen

Blair Hollingsworth

Lindsey O'Connor

Beth Mercurio

ProducerBrent A. StringfieldProperties MistressLeona Stringfield
DirectorKate HewittReservationsChristopher Robinson
Assistant DirectorLaBeth ThompsonHouse ManagersChris & Brenda Robinson
Set DesignerJoel ColbournHospitalityPowPAC Board
Set Construction ManagerJoel ColbournFlyerLee Laurence
Set Construction TeamLarry Clapp, Joel Colbourn, Christopher Robinson, LaBeth ThompsonProgram Cover
Set DressingChaike LevineProgram/WebmasterElden R. Davisson
Sound DesignerLou AllianoVideographerJohn Heinen
Lighting DesignerPeter McGuinnessPhotographerTony Eisenhower
Sound & Lighting TechniciansDevon Hollingsworth & Sarah CaldwellPublicityGerald M. Reeves
Costume DesignerArlene Darden  


Quality Photos by Tony Eisenhower