No, No, a Thousand Times. . .
Well, Maybe

DIRECTOR: Raylene Wall
Asst. Dir.: Debbie David
CO-PRODUCERS: Barbara Seagren & Debbie David
Performance Dates:  September 16, 17, 2005 at 7 PM and
a 2 PM & 7 PM show on the 18th
No, No, a Thousand Times... Well, Maybe is the exciting story of Arne T. Elegant, Professor of Villainery (BOO!), Vincent E. Urbane, Apprentice Villain (HISS!) and their scheme to swindle Granny and Ruthie Sweetengood out of their tomato farm. Will our heroine be hurtled from a high, crumbling precipice? Might someone be lashed across the merciless steel rails of the Poway-Midland Railroad? Is the Poor Little Orphan destined to spend her lifetime alone? Find out the answers to these and other dilemmas while the ladies' sewing circle and two of Poway's finest, Marshal Strongbore and Deputy Hench, add to the fun.

Program cover
Ruthie:Brandy Thomas
Deputy Hench:Judy Carlstrom
Verna:Adriana Zuñiga
Granny:Jane Harris
Orphan:Melissa Hayes
Arne T. Elegant:Joel Colburn
Millie:Alle McEnnis
Vincent Urbane:David Ainsworth
Harry Strongbore:Bob Murrell
Velma:Jan Lenhert
Mizz Katie:Toby Appel

Alle McEnnis

Brandy Thomas

Bob Murrell

David Ainsworth

Jen Lenhert

Jane Harris

Joel Colbourn

Judy Carlstrom

Melissa Hayes

Toby Appel

Adriana Zuñita

Barbara Seagren

Raylene Wall
THE Director


Debbie David
Asst. Dir.

Photos graciously supplied by Tony Eisenhower.


Danny Morris and Lana Nierodzinski
Clarence and Edythe Understudies

Roles of Clarence and Edythe

Friday, 9/16/2005, 7 PM

Elaine Jeter and Mike Szoka
Kiwanis Club of Poway

Saturday, 9/17/2005, 7 PM

Chet Ambrose and Gail Worrall
Rancho Bernardo Playgoers

Sunday, 9/18/2005, 2 PM

Angel and Ray Barnes
Poway Jacees

Sunday, 9/18/2005, 7 PM

Guess Who It Will Be
Community Folks photos by John Seagren/Tony Eisenhower.