DIRECTORS: Shari Lyon and Neil Pisk
PRODUCER: Barbara Seagren
   The melodrama is about an old (fictional) Poway family, the Candlewicks. The family's business has failed, mother's cupboards are bare, and father is too proud to take charity. Must their lovely daughter, Clarissa, be married off to the scheming -- but rich -- Brutus Blackheart (BOO! HISS!) who offers to pay the family's debts? Or will Clarissa's suitor, Ernest Endeavor (HOORAY!) expose the villains evil ways and save the day? It's all about fun.

Clarissa:Shelly Hart Breneman (Saturday)
Shauna Hart Ostrom (Sunday)
Mr. Candlewick:Joel Colbourn (Saturday)
John Porowski (Sunday)
Mrs. Candlewick:Lauren Stetler (Saturday)
Toby C. Appel (Sunday)
Bertie:Monica Flores
Gertie:Sasuarina Golomb (Cazzy)
Granny-Wick:Beth Mercurio
Horace:Roderick Presley
Earnest Endeavor:Chris Byzewski
Brutus Blackheart:Bernie Nofel
Judge String-bean:Chaike Levine
Abandoned Wife:Julie Inmon
Charity:Shauna Hart Ostrom (Saturday)
Shelly Hart Breneman (Sunday)

Bruno & Effie:

Roles being filled by local civic and volunteer groups as follows:

Saturday Sept. 18
2:00 PMPoway Chamber of Commerce
 Steve Storr (Board Member) & Toni Kraft (CEO)
4:00 PMSt. Gabriel's Knights of Columbus
 Bob (Advocate) & Janet Troy
7:00 PMPoway Unified School District (PUSD)
 Penny Ranftle, Board Member
Jeff Mangum, Pres. PUSD Board of Education
Sunday Sept. 19
2:00 PMFriends of the Poway Library
 Jerry & Peggy Hughs (Volunteers)
4:00 PMWranglers Square Dance Club
 Jim & Irene Dunny (Presidents)
7:00 PMPoway Sheriff’s Senior Volunteer Patrol
 Joe Balding & Nancee Prast (Volunteers)

Pre-Show Entertainment
In the Lobby

  • Saturday 1:45 and 3:45 - Storyteller
    Marilyn McPhie

  • Saturday 6:45 - Magician, Jacques Lord
  • Sunday 1:45 and 3:45 - The Patchwork Players
    Patti Christensen and James Nelson-Lucas

  • Sunday 6:45 - Magician, Jacques Lord
Shari Lyon and Neil Pisk (our Directors) will sing There’s a Hole In My Bucket in the auditorium immediately before each Mellerdrama begins.

Bernie Nofel

Toby C. Appel

Joel Colbourn

Chris Hastings

Lauren Stetler

Beth Mercurio

Chaike Levine

Cazzy Golomb

Monica Flores

Julie Inmon

Roderick Presley

John Porowski

Shauna Hart Ostrom

Shelly Hart Breneman

Our Brunos and Effies Follow:

Steve Storr & Toni Kraft
Poway Chamber of Commerce
2:00 PM Sat.

Bob & Janet Troy
St. Gabriel's Knights of Columbus
4:00 PM Sat.

Jeff Mangum & Penny Ranftle
PUSD Board of Education
7:00 PM Sat.

Jerry & Peggy Hughs
Friends of the Poway Library
2:00 PM Sun.

Jim & Irene Dunny
Wranglers Square Dance Club
4:00 PM Sun.

Joe Balding & Nancee Prast
Poway Sheriff's Senior Volunteer Patrol
7:00 PM Sun.

All Photos by Tony Eisenhower

All photos by Tony Eisenhower