DIRECTOR: Hitch Hitchcox
Asst. Director: LaBeth Thompson
August 22 - September 14, 2003

by Wendy Wasserstein: The play deals with the post-college careers (and dilemmas) of two former classmates, a short, slightly plump would-be writer named Janie Blumberg, and her tall, thin, gorgeous WASP friend Harriet Cornwall. Both are struggling to escape from lingering parental domination and to establish their own lives and identities. In Janie's case this leads to an inconclusive involvement with a young Jewish doctor who calls her "Monkey"; while Harriet assails the world of big business and has an affair with her hard-driving (and married) boss. Told in a fast-moving series of inventive, alternately hilarious and touchingly revealing scenes, the play explores their parallel stories with uncommon wit and wisdom - resulting, ultimately in a heightened awareness which, while not providing all the answers, goes a long way toward achieving the maturity and self-assuredness that both protagonists so desperately desire. "Isn't It Romatic is romantic - also bright, funny, sentimental, and throughout, inching towards wisdom. -Time. " of the funniest and most satisfying shows in town...If Dorothy Parker were a playwright today, she might have written this endearingly acid comedy." - Variety.

Janie     Jamie Haire
Harriet     deja bleu ginsberg
Tasha     renee levine
Lillian     Tricia Craven Worley
Marty     Trevor Graciano
Paul     David Dartt
Simon     Don Worley
Vlad     Raymond Anthony Headly

New York view by Rosemary King
Fabulous NY Scene by Rosemary King

Jamie Haire

deja bleu ginsberg

Trevor Graciano

renee levine

Don Worley

Tricia Craven Worley

David Dartt

Raymond Anthony Headly

Robert Hitchcox

'Isn't it Romantic' funny, well directed

Pomanado Newspaper Group
September 11, 2003
Review by Erin Allin
Poway Performing Arts Company's "Isn't It Romantic" ends its run on Sunday. Call quickly for tickets as this local hit has been selling out.

The play, written by Wendy Wasserstein and directed by Robert "Hitch" Hitchcox, depicts the post-grad school adjustment to the "real world" by friends Janie Blumberg, played by Jamie Haire, and Harriet Cornwall, played by deja bleu ginsberg. Both Janie, a shy, average looking writer, and Harriet, a tall gorgeous executive, struggle to live up to their parents, and their own, expectations.

"Isn't It Romantic" is exactly what community theater should be with its: funny script, well directed and wonderfully acted on a detailed, and complicated, stage.

While all of the actors are good, the best scenes include the gesticulating and expressive Haire. She spouts her character's wry and sarcastic humor as if it was her own.

The character of Janie is well developed and entertaining all on her own: sleep loving, inherently lazy and indecisive, except when it comes to her writing. Janie's struggle to please her parents, her friends, New York culture, and, lastly, herself is a tussle many of us have experienced.

ginsberg is also wonderful as Harriet, an insecure sophiscate trying to make her way in the business world without following the path of her successful mother.

As taxi-driving Vladimir, Raymond Anthony Headly almost steals the show. His intermittent appearances and unique Eastern European accent add to the humor of the play.

renee levine and Don Worley star as Janie's parents,Tasha and Simon, and Tricia Craven Worley plays Harriet's mother, Lillian. Tasha Blumberg is not your typical New York Jewish mother. She is studying modern dance and walks her husband to work everyday. levine, while a little rough around the edges, plays the character well written and well performed as a stereotype of a Jewish father, concerned for the safety and welfare of his daughter, as mellow as his wife is hyper and openly admits he doesn't understand his kids.

Tricia Craven Worley is excellent as the uptight, driven single mom of Harriet.

Trevor Graciano plays Marty Sterling, a young Jewish doctor who chooses Janie for his love because she is "sweet" and as different from girls like Harriet as he can find. Graciano's best moment as the doctor comes near the end of the play when Janie will not bend to his will.

David Dartt is Paul Stuart, Harriet's married boss' boss with whom she has an affair. While Dartt struggled with a couple of lines, he is great as the aging, wiser, hypochondriac, noncommittal married man.

As before, PowPAC dresses the stage very well for six different scenes, ranging from Janie's unpacked apartment to Central Park. While it was nice to have such a detailed stage, the scene changes did become distracting.

"Isn't It Romantic" plays at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday. General admission is , with a discount for students, seniors and active military. Call (858) 679-8085 for reservations.

The PowPAC theater is located upstairs at 13250 Poway Road, in the Lively Center. For more information, visit

PowPAC's next production is "The Gold Mine at Sycamore Canyon," an "Olde Type Mellerdrammer" in three scenes as part of the Poway Days city-wide celebration. PowPAC will present the "The Gold Mine at Sycamore Canyon" at 2, 4 and 7 p.m. Sept. 20 and 21.

General admission will be and children under 3 are free. For tickets, call the box office.

PowPAC's season of laughter and comedy continues Oct. 10 with the opening of "Breath of Spring," written by Peter Coke and directed by Sherrie Colbourn. Call the box office or visit the Web site for more details.

ProducerEnid MunkSound and Lighting TechnicianMark Everhart
DirectorRobert "Hitch" HitchcoxCostumesLeona Stringfield and Sherrie Colbourn
Assistant DirectorLaBeth ThompsonPropertiesLeona Stringfield
Stage ManagerSheila MuraHouse ManagerEnid Munk
Set DesignBarbara Seagren and Robert HitchcoxReservationsBrenda Ward
Set RealistRosemary KingHouse DecorationEnid Munk
Original Art WorkBrenda RobinsonProgram Cover & Flyer ArtworkMichael McCullock
Set Construction CrewSherrie Colbourn, Barbara SeagrenProgram/WebmasterElden R. Davisson
Sspecial ProjectsJoel Colbourn and John SeagrenVideographerJohn Heinen
Paint CrewSharon Bowen, Sherrie Colbourn, Brenda Ward, Rosemary King, Enid MunkPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Set DressingBrenda RobinsonPublicitySherrie Colbourn
Sound DesignMichael ShapiroPrintingPoway Printers
Lighting DesignPeter McGuinness  

Thanks to Tony Eisenhower for all of the above pictures.