DIRECTOR:Sherrie Colbourn
2nd AD/Costumer/StgMgr: Abby Lacey
PRODUCER: Chris & Brenda Robinson
by Samuel Taylor (Romantic Comedy): "The best American comedy of manners in more than a decade." - Saturday Review "A remarkably pleasant piece of theatre Mr. Taylor writes in a sparkling daze of incredulity and satire." - NY Times. STORY: A modern version of the Cinderella fable. It is set on Long Island in the 1950's, and deals with the involvement of a very rich family named Larrabee with Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of their family chauffeur. She is bright, well educated, and has just returned from five years in Paris, where she has done a brilliant job as an executive in an U.S. government overseas office.

Maude LarrabeeJane Harris
Julia Ward McKinlockElaine Rinner-Singer
Linus Larrabee, Jr.Greg McAfee
Linus Larrabee, Sr.Duane Leake
Margaretrenee levine
David LarrabeeDavid Ainsworth
GretchenTeri Brown
Sabrina FairchildKarla Franesca
Tom FairchildGreg Barnes**
Head of CateringEdward "Ted" Ewert
LizMary Ann Gearhart
PeterDan Reed
BettyHeidi Caldwell
MaxwellRichard Stowers
Paul D'ArgensonBen O'Fahy
Tom Fairchild will be played by Ted Ewert Jan. 31, Feb. 1 & 2

Sabrina Fair Cast


All photos supplied by Tony Eisenhower

Karla Francesca

Greg McAfee

David Ainsworth

Jane Harris

Duane Leake

Greg Barnes

Ben O'Fahy

Elaine Rinner-Singer

renee levine

Teri Brown

Ed Ewert

Dan Reed

Mary Ann Gearhart

Heidi Caldwell

Richard Stowers

All photos supplied by Tony Eisenhower


ProducersChris & Brenda RobinsonArtistic DirectorBrent Stringfield
DirectorSherrie ColbournTechnical DirectorManny Lopez
First Assistant DirectorEnid MunkCostume DesignerTeri Brown
Second AD, Stage ManagerAbby LaceyAssistant to the CostumerAbby Lacey
Stage HandMatt SeamonProperty CrewCarl & Leona Stringfield, LaBeth Thompson
Set DesignAdam FentonHouse ManagersChris & Brenda Robinson
Set Construction ChiefJohn SeagrenReservationsKathy Van Buren
Assistant to the Construction ChiefJoel ColbournLobby Design & DecorationBrent Stringfield, Brenda Robinson
Set Construction CrewRosemary King, Chris Robinson, Manny Lopez, Enid Munk, Sherrie ColbournProgram & FlyerAnnette Spadafore
Set Realization CrewAdam Fenton, Rosemary King, Sharon Bowen, Sherrie ColbournPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Set DecorationBrent StringfieldPublicitySherrie Colbourn
Flower ArrangementsRosemary DavisPrintingPoway Printing
Sound DesignLou AllianoVideographyJohn & Kay Heinen
Lighting DesignPeter McGuinnessWebmasterElden R. Davisson
Sound and Lighting OperatorChristine Putnam  

Revue by Pat Kumpan
Pomerado Newspaper Group
January 16, 2003

Perfect cast makes 'Sabrina' a delight

"Sabrina Fair," a light-hearted comedy with a dash of romance, has such witty dialogue and the perfect cast to deliver it, it's no wonder audiences are flocking to see it.

The theatrical "darling" is now being performed through Feb. 2 at the Poway Performing Arts Company, in the Lively Center at 13250 Poway Road.

Having a small, intimate theater with a well-dressed set helps to make for a cozy mood. Despite a small stage, PowPAC's designers do a superb job creating an estate garden that connects to the main house and the chauffeur's quarters, which are not seen, but easily imagined.

Ah, it's a treat to see some things left to the imagination. And, there's no raw, adult language to offend anyone, just witty banter.

Thanks to the cast's excellent chemistry, "Sabrina" moves right along. Unlike some fairy tales, it never gets bogged down in fanciful ideals, but puts an unexpected twist on a romance that develops under everyone's nose.

The story focuses on Sabrina Fairchild, the chauffeur's daughter who is returning after a five-year stint in Paris, to the Larrabee estate in Long Island, N.Y., where she grew up.

The shy little tomboy has blossomed into a sophisticated, beautiful young woman.

The well-heeled Larrabees are surprised by Sabrina's charming new continental allure, but no one is happier to see the young woman return than the Larrabee sons, Linus and David, who eventually both become suitors.

Sabrina comes home to put distance between herself and a French suitor, who has proposed marriage, and to see if she has the same feelings she once had for David Larrabee.

Karla Francesca glows as Sabrina with the right balance of sophistication and self-confidence.

Her suitors, David Ainsworth as David Larrabee, and Greg McAfee as his older brother Linus, add distinctive touches to their roles.

Ainsworth breezes through his role as the brother everyone loves because of his relaxed, easy-going personality, while McAfee plays the rogue, confirmed bachelor with the right touch of aloofness.

But Elaine Rinner-Singer as "Aunt" Julia, Duane Leake as Linus Larrabee Sr. and Jane Harris as his wife Maude, have their own moments in the spotlight as the glue that holds the family dynamics together.

renee levine has only a few appearances as the maid, but you'll love her timing -- she's always within earshot of all the family conversations.

Greg Barnes is firmly planted in his role as Tom Fairchild, the chauffeur, constantly aware of his class distinction as a servant. Yet in the end, he reveals just how rich he is after some 30 years of smart investing.

Other cast members include, Terri Brown, Edward "Ted" Ewert, Many Ann Gearhart, Dan Reed, Heidi Caldwell, Richard Stowers and Ben O,Fahy. Ewert will play the chauffeur on the following dates: Jan. 31, Feb. 1 and 2.

Performances are at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and at 2 p.m. on Sundays. Handicapped parking is at the rear of the theater with elevator access.

Tickets are general, or for seniors, students and active duty military. For reservations, call (858) 679-8085,