Henry DewlipJim Payton
Johnny JelliwellDavid Blaise Meredith
Julia JelliwellCandace Souleles
Ms. SmithDanielle Rhoads

"Springtime for Henry" by Benn W. Levy, 2 m, 2 f. A most entertaining farce. In this play Mr. Levy gives us the blundering and silly-ass character of Henry Dewlip, a wealthy young English bachelor. Henry leads a life of ease until he is taken in hand by his apparently prim young secretary, who tries to persuade him to forego all his pleasant vices. "Few things on Broadway are so funny. Not for many a night have I heard such spontaneous laughter in a theater. The audience got up to go with tears in its eyes. Tears that came from laughter."

Danielle Rhoads

Jim Payton

David Blaise Meredith

Candace Souleles

James M. McCullock
Cast photos supplied by Tony Eisenhower

ProducerTheresa Joens McCullockCostumesBrent Stringfield, LaBeth Thompson
DirectorJames M. McCullockPropertiesLaBeth Thompson, Brent Stringfield
Asst. DirectorLaBeth ThompsonHouse ManagersKathy McCafferty, Holly Pollack
Stage ManagerEvelynProgramNan Katona
Set DesignJames M. McCullockFlyer/Cover DesignAaron McFarland, Painting by Botero
Set ConstructionJames M. McCullock, Michael ScahillPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Set DécorBrent Stringfield, LaBeth Thompson, James M. McCullockPrintingPoway Printing
Technical ExecutionJohn McLeanHospitalityFriends of PowPAC
The song, "That Sunny Little Smile That Helps", is written and performed by Don Sparks and produced by Jeff Ladman, specifically for "Springtime for Henry".

Publicity photos supplied by Tony Eisenhower