MaureenDarlene Cleary
Susandeja bleu ginsberg
CissieMadchen Griff
JohnMark Alan Mendes
LarryDamon Wilson
Stage for Veronica's Room
deja bleu ginsberg
deja bleu ginsberg
Mark Alan Mendes
Mark Alan Mendes
Madchen Griff
Madchen Griff
Darlene Cleary
Darlene Cleary
Damon Wilson
Damon Wilson
Photos from Tony Eisenhower
(Except Damon's)
ProducersRuss & Linda OrrPropertiesRuss Orr
DirectorMichael ScahillSet ConstructionMichael Scahill, Russ Orr, Lou Dominic, Ken King, Kathy McCafferty
Stage ManagerKristine KaCeeHouse ManagerKathy McCafferty
Set DesignSean BlatamovitchProgramAnnette Spadafore
Sound DesignSean BlatamovitchPublicityTisha Tyler
Light DesignRuss OrrPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Technical ExecutionCathy Dennis  

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Action! February 2OOO Page 8

REVIEW: Poway Performing Art Company's Veronica's Room reviewed by Richard LeFetra

Poway Performing Arts Company's production of Veronica's Room was in a word - flawless! Riveting from start to finish, this thriller by playwright Ira Levin, of Deathtrap and Rosemary 's Baby fame, showcased a remarkable cast and kept me on the edge of my seat, always trying to figure out what the next twist would be. It is a play of multiple identities, plot twists, psychopathic personalities and yes, even necrophilia. Director Michael Scahill should be applauded for taking on a show that requires such diverse and challenging acting talents.

The plot is very complicated, with tliree of the actors having to play multiple roles. With characters pretending to be who they are not, and claiming it is 1935 instead of 1973, once you think you've figured it all out, there is yet another surprise.

Both Darlene Cleary and deja bleu ginsberg gave tour de force performances. Darlene Cleary as Maureen made playing a character with multiple personalities seem like child's play. She was equally comfortable in both senior and middle aged roles, as well as aggressive and passive roles. I must confess that at times I forgot I was in a theater. She actually scarcd me and made me feel very uncomfortable. deja bleu ginsberg (I love that name!) played Susan who ended up being the victim of the other characters. Ms. ginsberg, with great facial expressions and penetrating eyes, showed a wide range of emotions. You felt her confusion, fear and panic.

"...flawless ..."

Mark Alan Mendes (John) also played multiple characters with significant age ranges. Mr. Mendes turned in an excellent and very believable performance and was about as deranged as you can get. Damom Wilson as Larry, played multiple characters, albeit more down to earth (except for his true identity which was absolutely repulsive) and played them well.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to see this production, I'm sure you will agree with me that Madchen Griff. a no name actress of German descent. turned in a totally unremarkable yet consistent performance.

Producers Russ and Linda Orr put together a great support team. The set, designed by Sean Blatamovitch , was a single room - Veronica's room. Athough it looked peculiar at first with white wallpaper with large red flowers and a dark window. by the end of the show it made perfect sense and fit the bizarre world of these characters. The sound design, all by Mr. Blatamovitch. was very believable. When the old vctrola played Shuffle Off to Buffalo, the sound actually seemed to come from the victrola.