Dearly Departed Program
Bud/JuniorBrent Stringfield
RaynelleEileen Ivey
RoyceRandolph Howell
MargueriteSherrie Lessard
LucilleTeresa Henning
Ray-BudJim Payton
SuzanneLinda Orr
Rev. Hooker/NorvalTom Raftery
Delightful/VedaKristine KaCee
Nadine/JuanitaKathryne Lynne Vaughan
ClydeLou Dominic
The Joy of Life SingersLou Dominic, Randolph Howell, Teresa Henning, Linda Orr

Brent Stringfield
Eileen Ivey
Randolph Howell
Sherrie Lessard
Teresa Henning
Jim Payton
Linda Orr
Tom Raftery
Kristine KaCee
Kathryne Vaughan
Lou Dominic
Russell E. Orr - Director

'Dearly Departed' taps into humor of family foibles

By Pat Kumpan

Staff Writer

There's humor even in the saddest of moments, as is clearly and comically defined by "dearly departed," now being performed at Poway Performing Arts Company now through Sunday, Nov. 22.

When "daddy bud" Turpin dies, a mini-drama unfolds, exposing the Turpin family's ups and downs.

PowPAC audiences will be able to identify with much of "dearly departed's" humorous edge. From a family quibbling over mundane issues to the let's-all-pitch-in tone, there's something familiar about the words of playwrights David Bottrell and Jessie Jones.

Russ Orr's direction and the perfect timing of Pow PAC's actors make "dearly departed" the kind of entertainment worth turning the television or VCR off for.

As the Turpin family copes with its grief, planning a funeral and reviewing what "daddy bud" Turpin's life was all about, there's one evident truth: "daddy bud" never qualified as being a man that should receive a glowing eulogy.

Thespians Jim Payton, Teresa Henning, Randolph Howell, Eileen Ivey, Kristine KaCee, Sherrie Lessard, Linda Orr, Tom Rafferty, Brent Stringfield and Kathryne Lynne Vaughan add to the merriment.

Payton and Henning, plus the match of Linda Orr and Brent Stringfield as Junior and Suzanned Turpin, exemplify the roller-coaster ride of marriage with a good-natured approach.

Aunt Marguerite, played by Sherrie Lessard, tries her best to keep everyone on the straight and narrow with her bible-quoting reminders. Her son Royce lets her words roll down his back. Marguerite suggests a bible saying for "daddy bud's" tombstone, but meets with mixed clan reaction.

Once Raynelle is alone with her nephew Royce, she whispers, "i know what i want on the tombstone, but you have to keep it a secret. it's only 12 letters. it should be 'mean and surly.' yep, 'mean and surly' that's what it should say."

Performances are 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, or 2 p.m. matinees on Sundays at 13250 Poway Road, Poway. Tickets are general, or for seniors and students. For reservations, call 679-8085.

ProducersKathy McCafferty, Annette SpadaforeHouse ManagerKathy McCafferty
DirectorRussell E. OrrUsher CoordinatorAnnette Huffman
Rehearsal AssistantJessica UmhoeferPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Stage ManagerLou DominicProgramNan Katona
Set DesignDearly Departed CrewPublicityNan Katona
Lighting DesignChris Robinson & Russell E. OrrPrintingPoway Printing
Sound DesignTom CrenshawTicketsJim Millard
Technical ExecutionJessica Umhoefer, LaBeth Thompson, David TaniguchiVideo TapingJohn Heinen
Costume DesignLinda FrodesonSet ConstructionRuss Orr, Bill Faye, Chris Robinson, Sherrie Lessard, Joel Colbourn, Rachel Colbourn, Tom Raftery, Sandy Nelson, Brent Stringfield, LaBeth Thompson, C'Dale Gross
Costume AssistantPeggy HughsHospitalityLee Donnelly, Michele Guisti, Dave Hibler, Dawn Himlin, Annette Huffman, Nan Katona, Evelyn Lee, Kathy Parker, Chris & Brenda Robinson, Barbara Seagren
PropertiesEnid Munk