Mrs. Carrie WattsJane Harris
Ludie WattsJim Payton
Jessie Mae WattsBonnie J. Stone
ThelmaDawn Marie Himlin
Houston Ticket ManRon Lipps
Harrison Ticket ManWilliam Savage
SheriffMorris Morgentaler

Jane Harris
Jim Payton
Bonnie J. Stone
Dawn Marie Himlin
Ron Lipps
William Savage
Morris Morgentaler

North County Times Theater Review

PowPAC's 'Trip to Bountiful' features top-notch cast

Ruth Lepper

Poway - Horton Foote's poignant tale of an elderly woman wanting to return to her hometown could easily qualify for a case study on elder abuse.

"the trip to bountiful," being presented by the Poway Performing Arts Company, is the story of Carrie Watts, a woman determined to make her trip despite objections from her despondent but well-meaning son, Ludie, and her overbearing daughter-in-law, Jessie Mae. Carrie lives with Ludie and Jessie Mae in a small apartment in Houston but her heart remains in Bountiful.

Jessie Mae demands much of Carrie and objects to having to stay at home so the older woman won't try to run away again. Nonetheless, Carrie sneaks off and, on her way to Bountiful, encounters a young woman at the bus depot, two ticket agents and a local sheriff at her final destination.

Jane Harris easily fits the mold for Carrie Watts. Bonnie J. Stone has the meanness of Jessie Mae down pat. Jim Payton knows how to strengthen the character of Ludie.

Dawn Marie Himlin is familiar as Thelma, the young woman at the depot. Himlin earned an Aubrey Award when she played the same character for Santee Community Theatre, and she brings compassion to the role.

Morris Morgentaler gives credibility to the town sheriff.

William Savage puts more empathy into his ticket agent than does Ron Lipps. Both contribute to the pleasant atmosphere.

Director Anisa Shamis Cox has selected a terrific cast to make this a successful production. PowPAC's version of "the trip to bountiful" is worth seeing.

ProducersC'Dale Gross, Kathy McCaffertyCostume DesignEvelyn Thompson
DirectorAnisa Shamis CoxPropertiesMary Lou Reyen
Assistant DirectorMichele GuistiHouse ManagerKathy McCafferty
Stage ManagerKathy ParkerPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Set DesignBill CoxProgram Nan Katona
Set DecorationC'Dale GrossPublicityNan Katona
Scenic PaintingC'Dale Gross, Dianne BullenPrintingPoway Printing
Lighting DesignJim Millard, Kristin HurleyTicketsJim Millard
Sound DesignLou AllianoVideo TapingJohn Heinen
Lighting TechnicianKristin HurleySet ConstructionBill Cox, Bill Faye, C'Dale Gross, Kathy McCafferty, Russ Orr, Chris Robinson, Roger Willoughby, Bonnie J. Stone, Jim Payton, Brett Bohart, Kathy Parker, Mary Lou Reyen, Enid Munk
Sound TechnicianMark RueferHospitalityC'Dale Gross, Enid Munk, Barbara Seagren, Lee Donnelly, Chaike Levine, Bobbie Goldstein, Sheila Payton, Janet Danehy, Chris & Brenda Robinson, Nan Katona