Program cover for
Ida, the MaidCrystal Lea Cartwright
Mill SkillonIrene Billingsley
The Reverend Lionel ToopR. Scott Smith
Penelope ToopTara Ferraro
Corporal Clive WintonTimothy R. Olson
The intruderRichard Pines
The Bishop of LaxRussell Orr
The Reverend Arthur HumphreyChris Hastings
Sergeant TowersJerome Zelle & Kathy Parker

Director rises to challenge of wild

'See How They Run" production



Children's librarian by day, dedicated director by night. That's the life of Candace Cameron. Since 1969 she's served the needs of the children at Escondido Library, and since 1970 she's helped meet the needs for community theater around North County.

"I do more directing now than acting," she said, "although sometimes i still get up onstage.' She's in her third directing job with the Poway Performing Arts Company with tonight's opening of "See How They Run."

There's a special challenge with this Phillip King comedy. The title is a dead giveaway. The actors are running wild when the chase scene begins. And with the confined area of the PowPAC stage, that's the challenge.

The director takes advantage of a real closet located near the stage. It becomes the closet called for in the play. A short staircase adds another exit. There's also a French window, and don't forget the aisle. That's a natural exit.

"There's lots of action," Cameron said. "When they run in and out, it's going to be interesting."

Cameron worked with set designer Russell Orr to come up with a set that not only meets the needs of the fast-paced action but also complements the actors.

"There are not too many of us who know what a 1940s English vicarage looks like," Cameron said. "We ended up with a very attractive set that complements the actors when they run in and out."

Orr also steps out onto the stage as the Bishop of Lax, uncle to Penelope, a former actress who marries a prominent vicar during wartime England.

Penelope, played by Tara Ferraro, is not what the churchgoers expect in a vicar's wife. This is especially true with Miss Skillon, a spinster. Irene Billingsley will do a good job of keeping this character in line.

Raymond Scott Smith plays the vicar. Tim Olsen is an army officer who is an old acting friend of Penelope's. Chris Hastings is a visiting preacher, and Richard Pines plays an escaped Russian spy. Crystal Cartwright is the cockney maid, and Jerome Zelle appears as the police sergeant.

Cameron also had to stage some fight scenes in "See How They Run," with the assistance of the actors.

"One of the actors had training in this" she said. "Hopefully, all the actors will remember their spots on the floor and deliver the blows in an appropriate way."

This is the third time Cameron has directed for PowPAC ("Seven Keys to Baldpate" and "Spider Web"). She's a mainstay with the neighboring Patio Playhouse in Escondido and has also directed for Scripps Ranch Community Theatre, among others.

"I don't do many back to back," she said. "I usually try to do one or two shows a year."