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PowPAC hosts performance of 'All in the Timing'


North County Times

David Kelso, who's presenting "All in the Timing" around San Diego County this month, said the title is most appropriate. "We were at the right place at the right time. We've been ready to perform for some time but had no venue. Now all at once we have four, with the chance of more in the future." Kelso's group, formed so recently that it doesn't yet have a name, will perform four of David Ives' short plays in readers theater style.

Kelso said the group hadn't planned to perform publicly. "We started out reading scenes. I invited several actors I know and have worked with to my house to share plays. There's a lot of new material available, but not all of it is suitable for the community theaters where we perform. But we like to keep current.

"Much to my surprise, the reading sessions turned into performances. We're all actors and fast studies, and after reading the scenes through once to familiarize ourselves with them, we started interpreting scenes.

"Even so, we might not have gone public if we hadn't discovered Ives. He's absolutely the most original playwright of our generation. Actors are tough audiences, but just reading the plays from the book had us cracking up. Everyone agreed that the show deserves a greater exposure than in my living room."

This reaction is pretty close to that of everyone else in the country who has encountered Ives' work. The New York critics used up their superlatives to review "All in the Timing" when it opened off-Broadway two years ago, and the story has been the same everywhere else.

"All in the Timing" is a mix-and-match collection of 14 pieces, usually presented on bills of four to six plays. (MiraCosta College is currently performing the play in a different configuration.) Ives takes his subjects from everyday life but gives them unusual twists. His plays deal with such wide topics as political assassination, an ordinary pickup in a snack bar, and existential discussions among steelworkers on girders high above the street.

"They work well as readers theater," Kelso said, "because the plays are mostly dialogue. Ives' strength is language, and his words are brilliant."

The actors who read with Kelso are familiar to local audiences from their work at various community theaters. The regular cast includes Jim Clevenger, Bruce Erricson, William Frederick, Blair Hambuechen, Dave Hibler, Paige McAllister, Jim Payton and Kat Vaughan, with a few other local performers filling in on supporting parts.

At PowPAC, "All in the Timing" plays following a performance of the company's current show, "Wait Until Dark." Proceeds from the performance go to the PowPAC Scholarship Fund. Following the single performance at PowPAC, Kelso and his peripatetic players move to OnStage Theatre in Chula Vista, then back to North County at Patio Playhouse in Escondido on April 6. The final show in this series is for Lamplighters Theatre in La Mesa.

ProducersKathy McCafferty, Russell OrrMr. Hibler's Costume ConsultantKat Vaughan
DirectorDavid KelsoStage CrewJeffrey Gastauer, Leslie Drew, Mary Lou Reyen
Assistant Director/Stage ManagerJulie AndersonHouse ManagerKathy McCafferty
Dialect CoachBrenda RobinsonPhotographyTony Eisenhower
Choreographer/Rehearsal AssistantJeffrey GastauerVideosJohn Heinen
Set DesignRussell OrrProgramNan Katona, Kathy McCafferty
Set DecorationIrene Billingsley, C'Dale GrossCover & Flyer DesignMarc Tobin
Lighting DesignJim MillardPublicityNan Katona
Sound DesignLou AllianoTicketsJim Millard
Lighting & Sound OperationChris RobinsonConstruction CrewRussell Orr, Irene Billingsley, Janet Danehy, C'Dale Gross, David Kelso, Kathy McCafferty, Brenda Robinson, Chris Robinson, Bonnie J. Stone, Sharon Vermeulen, Meredith Ward, Peggy & Jerry Hughs, Cindy & Brian Swan
Costume DesignCindy SwanHospitalityIrene Billingsley, Janet Danehy, Lee Donnelly, Terry Eisenhower, C'Dale Gross, Nan Katona, Enid Munk, Kathy Parker, Barbara Seagren

Dave's memorable role


Dave's memorable role

Dave Hibler's Memorable Role

Members of the cast
Julie Anderson, Asst. Director/Stage Manager


Jim, Christine, Jay, Tony, Terri, Irene & Chris


If one loves theatre, then one volunteers!!!

PowPAC depends on volunteer

By Pat Kumpan

Staff Writer

C'Dale Gross prefers not to be in the spotlight, but when friends need the perfect volunteer, they know who to ask.

Thespians at Poway Performing Arts Company have learned firsthand that Gross, a Sabre Springs resident, knows how to pitch in, direct award-winning shows, put the finishing touches on set designs and pour vitality into fundraising projects.

"She'll show up at a phone call," said PowPAC's Barbara Seagren.

"She puts things together simply - with no fuss. She makes it look easy."

When the group's New Year's Eve bash had limited funds for decorations, Gross transformed lots of cardboard into a New York skyline with a little paint and lots of imagination.

"Stars twinkled, the clock was set for midnight and the entire skyline was the perfect touch," Seagren said.

"I'm just a volunteer," said Gross, who feels that many others deserve recognition more than she does. PowPAC friends say otherwise.

Many have wondered about her name and few get it right.

"People think i'm dale, or that someone misspelled my name. Before. they meet me, they don't know if I'll be a man or woman. C'dale stands for Cozy Dale and was abbreviated when I was little," she said, smiling.

Friends say her easygoing temperament and creative spirit make "Cozy" a name that suits her.

When not working with PowPAC, Gross finds time for civic duties, such as the Sabre Springs Planning Group.

"I like to have a say in my community," she said, and when the Carmel Mountain Ranch and Sabre Springs Recreation Council formed a few years ago, Gross couldn't pass up the opportunity to get involved.

"At the time, Sabre Springs wasn't represented. I couldn't see that happen, so I stepped up," she said, adding that she never regretted the involvement.

Although the recreation center for her community and adjoining Carmel Mountain Ranch is not yet complete, C'dale says she's like a kid waiting for a new toy.

"I can't wait for it to open," she said.

With 20 years of dancing experience, a love for music and theater and a yearning to be part of her community, Gross is a woman who loves to give back, asking for very little in return.

Her next project, "How The West Was Fun" is a fund-raising project for PowPAC that will be set in a Western theme for Sept. 19 and 20, as tentative dates, in the PowPAC theater in the Lively Center on Poway Road.

A nominal fee will be asked for those who attend. Gross already sees a recreation of the American Gothic couple in an artistic, standup form as one of the focal points. Visitors can pop their faces through cut-outs and be photographed.

A barroom scene with dancing girls, local sheriff and fire department volunteers conversing over a friendly game of poker is part of the envisioned fun. A few community volunteers are needed, but Gross feels that in Poway it won't take long to fill the vacant roles.

For more about this project, call Barbara Seagren 748-2500.


Program for How The West Was Fun 97

Bartender DanDanny Morris
Cowboy EddyEddy Schedule
BelleDoreen Jacobs
Orchestra BanjoGreg Siegle
Orchestra FiddleKaren Croot
Orchestra MandolinGary Williams
Square Dancers"wranglers" Square Dance Club (Ave Herndon)
CrazyLorelei Himlin (Age 4 1/2)
Saloon GirlsVilia Bouilly, Kristine Ebright, Kristin Hiatt, Marissa Moretti, Sally Nguyen, Sarah Wentworth, Ashlee Wilson (Valna Rue School of Dance)
Poker PlayersJack Dunasky, John McLean, Roger Willoughby
The GamblerDavid E. Young
Elvira the Dancing HorseEmily Carlstrom, Christina Nesbitt
Stage Coach RidersAnna Carlstrom, Judy Carlstrom
The Little IndiansBrittaney Cantwell, Mariah Deguesseme, Christina Depweg, Daniel Evert, Mary Evert, Michael Evert, Andrea Lee, Jordon Owashi, Hayley Tatro, Erin Tsukashima, Kara Tsukashima, Laura Zhang (Valna Rue School of Dance)
Dulcimer Hammerin'Judy Carlstrom
Thank God I'm a Country BoyJonathan Sturch
Ida RedThe Cut Loose Cloggers (Melinda Leatherman)
Cigareets, Whusky and Wild, Wild WimminDavid E. Young
Wild, Wild WestThe Saloon Girls Again
You Can't Get a Man With a GunJulie Anderson


Farmer TolliverJohn McLean
Widder BronsonJudy Carlstrom
Cyrus SmellworthyJack Dunasky
JuniorColleen Armstrong
HepzibahJulie Anderson
MarigoldAnna Calrstrom
Fairfax FiddleRichard Jennings
Terwilliger SmogJonathan Sturch
Chauncey FinchEddy Schedule
Mrs. FiddleDebbi Sturch
Mr. FiddleRoger Willoughby
Scene Change CutieAndrea Lee

CostumesPeggy Hughs, Danny Morris, Sharon Vermuelen
Stage Manager & PropsTeresa Anderson
Set & FurnishingsJack Dunasky, C'Dale Gross, John McLean, Russ Orr, Chris Robinson, Eddy Schedule, Barbara Seagren, John Seagren, Roger Willoughby
HospitalityNancy Green, Norm Green, C'Dale Gross, John Heinen, Kay Heinen, Annette Huffman, Kathy McCafferty, Kathy Parker
PhotographerTony Eisenhower
Sound & TicketsJim Millard
Lights & ProgramJohn Seagren
TapingLou Alliano
VideotapeJohn Heinen
PublicityNan Katona