HaroldBrent Stringfield
RiggsBob May
EmmaLee Karin Lampard
Police Inspector EganLark Church
Director Linda D. Orr
Asst. Dir. Irene Billingsley

Get hooked into PowPAC murder with words as weapons

By Pat Kumpan

Contributing Writer

Watching Poway Performing Arts Company's "Murder by Misadventure," is much like guessing how a good magician performs his best sleight of hand trick. Now you see it, now you don't - but how did he do it?

Much of the groundwork in act one, getting to know the English writing team of Paul Riggs, and Harry Kent, and Harry's wife, Emma, is downright tedious (OK, boring). "Is this snail's pace going anywhere?" you'll ask. Remember, some things are worth waiting for.

Pinch yourself, pay attention to the mundane details, and hang on as the pace quickens, because a murder is around the corner (or in the balcony). Ho-hum transforms itself into a first class whodunit, proving that what you see (or what you think you see) is, not always what you get.

Brent Stringfield as Harry, and Bob May as Paul, prove worthy sparring partners - a jab here, a jab there - as they slice and dice each other with the best of weapons: words.

The award-winning writing team begins to show some creative differences. Harry is on the verge of exploring new ideas, without his partner, while Paul is convinced that conjuring up the perfect murder plot will be the team's next writing project. Each. is convinced that his way is the best way.

Suddenly, the conversation web spins talk of how to commit murder. Casual barbs ricochet at first, but soon.hit their mark.

"A dead partner is no good to you and a drunk partner is no good to me:" shouts Harry.

As Harry's intent to dissolve the team becomes clear, Paul brings,out his ace card, something he knows will ruin his friend's career, as well as his reputation. Will he use it?

"Persuasion is such an ugly word," Paul says. "Let's call it blackmail."

Harry can't be certain of his partner's motive, but can he call his bluff? What he can do is devise a scheme of his own, include his wife, and have it revolve around their six-week trip to the States.

Revealing much more spoils the fun of watching a good mystery unfold.

Lee Karin Lampard gives Emma the right mix of being demure, somewhat timid, attentive, while Lark Church Inspector Egan, shows comedic timing doesn't miss a beat. Sucking a sugar cube, while delivering dialogue, never sounded so sweet (excuse the pun).

Take a bow, PowPAC, for delivering a murder mystery that keeps the audience on its toes. "Murder by Misadventure" continues through July 28 at 8 p.m on Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p. Sundays. The theater is located at 13250 Poway Road in the Lively Center in Poway, with handicap parking and access available behind the center.

Call 679-8085 for information and reservations. General admission is , for seniors and students.

Congratulations to Aubrey Award winners Bonnie Stone, for her role as Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virgiqia Wolf?" Tony Eisenhower, for his role in "The Foreigner." Both PowPAC Thespians were honored for their performances by Associated Community Theatres (ACT) at its annual awards festivities.