Emma BordenIrene Billingsley
MaggieDoreen Jacobs
Nance O'NeilYvonne Fisher
Tom FullerChristopher Nelson
Annie BealeChristine Bain
Henry WebbChris Robinson
Lizzie BordenSharon Vermuelen
BridgetBrenda Robinson

Lizzie Borden
Yvonne Fisher, Irene Billingsley
Chris Robinson, Christine Bain
Yvonne Fisher
Sharon Vermeulen
Christine Bain
Christopher M. Nelson
Chris Robinson
Brenda Robinson
Doreen Jacobs, Tom Fuller

PowPAC's 'The Lights are Warm and Coloured' brings to life the retelling of the Lizzie Borden story
- from Lizzie herself.
By Pat Kumpan, Contributing Writer

Who doesn't love a good mystery? Beside tension and the turn of events, discovering "who done it" is half the fun for curious minds. When the story is based on facts - sometimes stranger than fiction - an eeriness creeps in.

Maybe that's why Poway Performing Arts Company selected "Tbe Lights Are Warm and Coloured," a retelling of events that surround the murder trial of Lizzie Borden in the 1890s. Although she was acquitted of killing her father and mother, the rumors and speculation that she might have "gotten away with murder" circulated for years.

Now through March 31, PowPAC lets the story unfold in Lizzie's parlor with her sister Emma at her side. Ten years after the trial, a group of young "theatricals," as Lizzie calls them, come to make a call.

Curious minds want to know what really happened. Who better to ask than Lizzie herself, and who better to recreate the testimony, the townfolks and the mundane and overlooked interactions that never made it into court than the Tbespians.

Sharon Vermuelen gives us insight into Lizzie. As seen through her eyes, voice and the most subtle of body gestures, Lizzie's retelling of events takes on human form and feeling.

As Emma, Irene Billingsley adds the right touch of sisterly concern, a sibling who has lived not only with her sister, but the rumors as well.

Yvonne Fisher, Doreen Jacobs, Christopher Nelson, Chris Robinson, Brenda Robinson and Christine Bain jump into a multitude of roles with ease.

Step by step, not only does the plot thicken, but the proverbial finger points to someone other than Lizzie.

As the curtain falls, the final decision of guilt or innocence becomes the audience's decision. Did she, or didn't she do it? You decide!

PowPAC wraps up the play this weekend with 8 p.m. performances Friday and Saturday and a 2 pm. matinee this Sunday.

For ticket reservations, call 679-8085.