Program West Side Waltz
Robin ByrdAmy Lincoln
SergeJoe Tramontanta
Cara VarnumEileen Ivey
Margaret Mary ElderdiceLorrie Cohen
Glenn DabrinskiRob Tyler

Three exceptional actresses play three lonely women in "Waltz"

Revue by Ruth W. Lepper
For the Sentinel

The lives of three lonely women - - a widow, an old maid and a divorcee - - are intricately woven together in a hearwarming tale by Ernest Thompson.

Director Karen Young has selected three exceptional actresses for the roles of the women in "West Side Waltz." The strengths of each character and each actress play well off the other.

Lorrie Cohen is the elder Margaret Mary Eldendice, an accomplished pianist who plays for her own comfort. Eileen Ivey is the jealous and insecure spinster, Cara Varnum.

Amy Lincoln, with the brash New York accent, is Robin Bird, an aspiring actress recently divorced and hiding from reality.

Adding a bit of comic relief in the right spot is Joe Tramontana as the building superintendent, Serge Barrescu. Rounding out the cast is Rob Tyler, as Glen Dabrinsky, a love interest for one of the women.

While the action takes place over nearly two years in a New York apartment, nothing is done to indicate this with the sets, with the exception of the curtain being drawn back to expose the air conditioner in the summer scene.

Pussy willows sit in a vase for the entrie time frames. Changing the flowers and a difference in lighting would let the audience know that more than a few moments have elapsed between scenes.

While the majority of the cast and the director are appearing here for the first time, a strong deference emoted from their teamwork.

Producers are Irene Billingsley and Jim Payton.

"West Side Waltz" is playing weekends at Poway Performing Arts Company through Feb. 20. The theater is at 13634 Cynthia Lane.

Call the box office at 679-8085 for ticket information and reservations.